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How to Use our Digital Products

Usage Statement for Clipart, Seamless Digital Prints, and Logos

Thank you for choosing Posh and Printable for your creative needs. Our clipart, seamless digital prints, and logos are crafted with care, dedication, and a focus on quality to support your projects, whether for commercial use or personal enjoyment. To ensure a positive experience for all our customers and maintain the integrity of our work, please adhere to the following usage guidelines:

1. Permitted Uses

  • Personal Use: You are welcome to use our designs for any personal projects without the need for attribution or any additional licenses.

  • Commercial Use: Our artwork can be used in commercial projects such as marketing materials, websites, product packaging, and other promotional items, crafting and commercial items as long as you hold the unlimited license agreement we send with your clipart. Specific details about commercial use limits may apply, so please refer to your license agreement.

  • 2. Restrictions

  • No Resale or Redistribution: You may not resell, redistribute, or offer our designs as-is, even for free, without explicit written permission (or limited or unlimited license agreements) from Posh and Printable. This includes but is not limited to selling our designs as digital files or physical products.

  • No Modification for Resale: Altering our designs and then selling them as your own, whether as digital files or physical products, is strictly prohibited.

  • Non-Exclusive: All licenses granted are non-exclusive, meaning the artwork can be used by multiple clients of Posh and Printable. We also do exclusive artwork for those that are interested. Please contact us for a Consultation and Quote.

  • 3. Licensing

  • Each purchase includes a standard license for personal or commercial use, subject to the above conditions. For extended usage rights beyond what is outlined here, please contact us for an extended license.

  • Attribution is appreciated but not required. However, you may not claim intellectual property rights or exclusive ownership of any Posh and Printable design.

  • 4. Intellectual Property All clipart, digital prints, and logos remain the intellectual property of Posh and Printable. By purchasing or downloading our designs, you are granted a license to use the artwork according to these terms, but all rights not expressly granted are reserved by Posh and Printable.

    5. Modifications and Derivative Works You are permitted to modify our designs for your personal or business use. However, the modified design is still subject to this usage statement. Creating derivative works for resale or distribution without prior written consent is prohibited.

    Contact and Questions For any questions about how you can use our designs, or if you need clarification on any of the points above, please contact us at We're here to support your creative journey and ensure you can use our designs confidently and legally.

    Thank you for respecting our usage policies and for supporting Posh and Printable. We can't wait to see what you create!

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